Apple 4/20 Event : The Main Highlights
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Apple 4/20 Event : The Main Highlights

👤DREALAYODEJI    📅21-04-2021 11:42

      Coincidentally, or intentionally (that’s what she said) as the same day Samsung launched the new Galaxy SmartTag+, Apple unveils and launches a set of new products for 2021 in their “Spring loaded” Apple 4/20 event.

Some of the products announced at the events were :
- The long-awaited Apple AirTag for finding your lost stuffs, going for $29 for one or $99 for four

- The new Mini-LED 120HZ M1 iPad Pro

- Awfully-coloured redesigned and slimmer new M1 iMac

These devices will be the next generation of devices marking Apple’s full transition to M1 chips and away from intel chips or bionic chips in their iPad models and we hope to see huge performance gains on the iMac, the iPad Pro? Not so much, it was already pretty fast to begin with but we’re hoping the new chip would help it sustain heavier work loads for longer time.

We’ll have articles on these devices up as soon as the devices start getting into people’s hands (and burrowing into their pockets of course). Subscribe for more articles like this.

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