Sony WH-XB900N ANC Headphones First Impressions
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Sony WH-XB900N ANC Headphones First Impressions

👤DREALAYODEJI    📅25-10-2021 02:10

      Today I'm going to share my initial thoughts on the Sony WH-XB900N, which I picked up used about a day ago at a great price.

At first sight, it appears to be the higher-end WH-1000XM3 or 4, which are perhaps the greatest noise cancelling headphones available; the XB stands for extra bass, and these headphones definitely have more bass. It's built of high-quality plastic and soft ear cushions, so it's light and easy to wear for long periods of time. I've only had it for a few hours and haven't used it much, so the fact that the battery is still at 100% feels like a bug, but Sony claims it will last 30 hours, which is significantly longer than any headphones or earbuds I've ever used. It can also be charged through USB-C, which I believe should be standard in all headphones, like the Bluedio T7.

It features a 3.5mm headphone socket, so you can use it without Bluetooth, and unlike the Bluedio T7 headphones, the USB-C connector does not double as an auxiliary audio-out port. It's simple to pair the headphones with your smartphone, laptop Sony TV or other devices, and after you've done so, simply turn them on and they'll connect to your device immediately.

Now, let's talk about the noise cancellation and ambient sound mode on these headphones. I'm not sure whether it's just these pair of headphones, but the noise cancellation doesn't seem to be anywhere near as excellent as the AirPods Pro's. The ambient sound mode isn't as clear as you'd anticipate, but it does have a wonderful feature where you can put your palm on the touch pad and it will temporarily mute the music so you can hear someone talking to you, which actually works very well.

When it comes to the controls, these headphones don't have any specific buttons for media or volume control; instead, they're controlled by tapping and swiping on the right ear cup, with a double tap for play/pause, a forward swipe for the next track, a backward swipe for the previous track, and an upward or downward swipe for volume up and down. And while these gestures work 100 percent of the time and are quite convenient, I've never been a fan of touch controls due to the higher possibility of accidental touches, and these are no exception. Personally, I prefer the force touch on the AirPods Pro, which is based on pressure rather than mere touches, but these work just fine.

The sound quality on these is just great and immersive; in the last 24 hours or so since I've had it, I've used it to listen to music and watch movies for a total of about 4 or 5 hours, and it's enough for me to say that these definitely have extra bass and that the sound it produces is just balanced and okay for me. This pair of headphones is compatible with the Sony Headphones app, which allows you to easily update the headphones, adjust the EQ to your liking, and do a variety of other things but the activity tab is definitely broken so I wouldn’t really rely on that for accurate information.

I can't tell you whether to buy it or not yet because this isn't my whole review; that video will be up in a few days, so stay tuned and subscribe. So, first impressions, it appears to be a nice pair of headphones from a reputable brand; there are a few features I wish it had, but we'll discuss those in more detail in the review video.

Disclaimer : This is directly from the YouTube video script for people who prefer reading instead.

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