Noise Cancellation should be added to iPhone 13 as it was available in previous models, according to users.
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Noise Cancellation should be added to iPhone 13 as it was available in previous models, according to users.

👤DREALAYODEJI    📅29-12-2021 19:41

      The iPhone 13 series was introduced in September with a number of improvements. However, one significant function that could be useful in some scenarios has been absent since launch. iPhone 13 owners have been clamouring for months for a dedicated noise cancelling feature. But Apple hasn't met consumer demand. The iPhone 13 series didn't get the new iOS noise cancelling feature. But it's there on previous models.

A few days ago, a Reddit user complained about the iPhone 13's absence of noise cancelling. Others agreed and wondered why the new iPhone series didn't include that support. Some people noted that the lack of noise cancellation isn't due to a hardware limitation, as the iPhone 13 series has enough microphones to support it.

Unable to cancel noise on iPhone 13 Pro Max, a customer complained to Apple Community in October. On the user's complaint, an Apple Community Specialist linked to an article on how to alter iPhone audio settings.

Phone Noise Cancellation is mentioned in the link, which older iPhone devices can enable by navigating to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/ Visual. However, the iPhone 13 lacks this feature.

In response to a forum post, another member stated that Apple is aware of the issue. The lack of noise cancelling on the ordinary iPhone 13 was confirmed by Gadgets 360. The issue has been reported on the iPhone 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, and 13 mini.

Since the lack of a noise cancelling option was noticed on the Apple Community forums, Apple has released a couple iOS updates, but the issue has not been resolved.

Earlier this month, Apple released iOS 15.2, which did not feature noise cancelling for the iPhone 13 models. The feature was absent in iOS 15.3 beta.

Because the iPhone 13 lacks a noise cancellation feature, users cannot control whether ambient noise is minimised during phone calls when holding the phone to their ear. Voice Isolation, which functions like noise cancellation and blocks ambient noises using machine learning, can be enabled from the Control Centre.

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