Mixx StreamBuds Mini Review [TRANSCRIBED]
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Mixx StreamBuds Mini Review [TRANSCRIBED]

👤DREALAYODEJI    📅09-01-2022 14:01

      Today we’ll be talking about these earbuds; the Mixx StreamBuds Mini which I have been using for a little over a week now. These are made by a company in the UK called Mixx Audio, which doesn’t seem to be operational anymore. You might still run into these online or at Asda which is where I picked up this pair I have right here, on their website, these are retailing for about £35 but I managed to get it at Asda for £23. Let’s get to the unboxing

The box isn’t exactly the highest quality but it is fair enough for the price and I managed to tear it while opening it, just great. In the box, you have folded cardboard containing the charging case , the instructions manual, extra ear-tips, a short USB-C charging cable, and the earbuds themselves. On the box, you have a series of features listed mainly about its amazing battery life and fast charging.

The charging case feels like cheap plastic and is slightly bigger and thicker than the AirPods Pro charging case, but that also isn’t a deal breaker for its price. Moving on to the buds itself, they’re right about the same size with a slightly thicker “bulb” which also isn’t a deal breaker. They weigh less than AirPods Pro but they’re still not comfortable to wear for long, you would definitely remember you are wearing these although it is unfair to compare them with the $250 AirPods Pro. There are a couple of LEDs on both the case and the earbuds themselves.

Starting from the outside of the case, there is a charging indicator which doesn’t turn off or change colours when the case is fully charged. On the inside, there are four battery status indicators which is the only way you can tell when it is fully charged. And on the buds, the status indicator is cleverly hidden at the back side of the stem, they turn off as soon as they’re connected to a device.

The magnet on the lid is also strong, but the earbuds placement just feels wrong since they are inverted outwards, they aren’t exactly cylindrical too, so they don’t snap in place when you place them back in the case. Overall I feel like they could have done much better with the design since these don’t exactly have any special software features, worse part is, there is no button to just turn on the case to check battery level or for any reason at all.

It claims to come with Bluetooth 5.1 which I can’t confirm or deny, the connection is fairly stable but I have had it drop randomly just twice during my entire usage. Regarding speed, it’s so hard to take out these earbuds that they would have connected before you can successfully put both in your ears, needless to say, they’re not that fast when it comes to connection. It would also be great if we could connect on Twitter by following me and on YouTube by hitting that subscribe button.

The design didn’t piss me off as much as the controls did, it has touch controls which means you can’t adjust them or even put them in your ears because of the awkward design without tapping on the sensor and reducing or increasing the volume. Tapping once on either earbuds will reduce or increase the volume, tapping twice on the right one would call up Siri or Google assistant, repeating that same gesture on the left earbuds would switch the sound modes. And speaking of sound modes, these earbuds apparently have 3 modes; Voice mode, bass boost and music mode, and honestly, you really do not want to go past music mode, the bass boost and voice mode do reverse of what they’re supposed to do but we will talk about sound quality in a bit. And back to the controls, you have to long tap for a couple of seconds to play or pause your audio and that’s it, a triple tap does nothing and there is NO way to skip a track or go back to the previous one, and the touch controls would respond to anything other than your skin, so, a lot of accidental touches, usually just volume adjustments.

The sound quality is fairly okay and these earbuds get pretty loud but begin to slightly distort at loud volumes, thankfully, they did not overdo the bass. The voice mode just muffles everything and the bass boost totally eliminates every other frequencies and then turns down the bass, you really just shouldn’t go past Music mode which sounds decent for the price, the earbuds do have nice stereo audio separation. The audio from the microphone also sounds low and kind of compressed probably because of some voice isolation process going on but people did claim they could hear me during calls. They provide a level of noise isolation but without anyway to let the pressure out, they don’t pause when you take them out and the audio also bleeds, so you probably shouldn’t use these at high volumes when you want to listen to that voice note from your girlfriend.

The battery life is quite amazing, it lasted 7 hours and 20-ish minutes during my testing and according to them, 15 minutes in the case would get you 2 hours of playback time but I didn’t really need to use that quick charging feature. The case charges via USB-C too which is great and would charge from empty to 100% under 2 hours, the case also holds up pretty well, it still had about 50% left after killing the earbuds twice and using the case to recharge them.

But I cannot recommend these earbuds at £35, since you can get earbuds from more known brands like SoundPeats or even Oraimo which I want to check out later too. And regardless of whatever discount you’re getting for them, I still wouldn’t recommend them because I don’t know about you but I like being able to change the track playing in my ears.

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