Kuda Bank : Should You Still Use It?
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Kuda Bank : Should You Still Use It?

👤DREALAYODEJI    📅22-04-2021 14:04

      Recently, the best and only online bank we used to be able to rely on has been having issues ranging from inability to transfer to other banks to inability to use the issued Mastercard. If you have had issues because of these like I have, you understand just how annoying it is. Undoubtedly Kuda used to and still has one of the fastest and user-friendliest app UI.

Yes, it has been unreliable a lot recently but we believe this is due to the “independence” move they have been making. Kuda announced earlier this year that they would be getting rid of their dependence on other banks like Zenith and Access bank for issuance of cards (and/or payment processing).

Kuda already offers a lot more than physical banks will ever offer :
- Easy account opening and verification
- 45 free transfers every month
- No card and account maintenance fees
- Free debit cards (and delivery)
- Max. single transfer limit of N1,000,000
- No daily transfer limits
- Fast and helpful customer service
- Max. daily withdrawal limit of N150,000

Kuda is definitely working on being better and more reliable and it’s proven by just how far they have come in the last one year. So, to answer the question in the heading; yes, you should still use Kuda, they have been more reliable lately and the issues are even less often now.

Let us know what you think in the comments section down below.

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