Microsoft Teams App prevents 911 calls on Pixel Android, Google confirms
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Microsoft Teams App prevents 911 calls on Pixel Android, Google confirms

👤DREALAYODEJI    📅09-12-2021 11:12

      Last week, a Pixel 3 user discovered a problem that stopped them from dialling 911 in the US. Google now says the issue appears to be with Microsoft Teams. An internal examination found the bug on a small number of machines where Microsoft Teams was installed but no account was logged in.

According to Google's Pixel Community support team, the issue with not being able to dial 911 occurred due to an unintentional interaction between the Microsoft Teams software and the Android operating system.

The company said it only knew of one user report relating to the bug, though it may have affected others. The issue may not be confined to Pixel phones, as Google stated it would affect Android 10 and higher users.

“Because this issue impacts emergency calling, both Google and Microsoft are heavily prioritising the issue, and we expect a Microsoft Teams app update to be rolled out soon – as always we suggest users keep an eye out for app updates to ensure they are running the latest version,” the company said.

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Google has promised to provide an update to the Android ecosystem on January 4 that is expected to come with a fix. Meanwhile, It advised a workaround where users on Android 10 and above with Microsoft Teams installed but not signed in should reinstall the app. The company said that it would address the problem in the interim.

“We advise users to keep an eye out for an update to the Microsoft Teams app, and ensure it is applied as soon as available,” it said.

Users who are not using Android 10 or higher, or who are logged into the Microsoft Teams app, are unaffected. Some Android users, even those running the most recent version, have Microsoft Teams installed without having to sign in, but they are not affected by the issue.

The fact that Google has accidentally allowed a third-party software to disrupt the system to the extent that it can prevent people from calling the emergency number is intriguing.. Google's response has already prompted several users to raise this issue. However, these have not yet been addressed by the corporation.

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