Sterling speaks against racism
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Sterling speaks against racism

👤ISRAEL    📅03-07-2021 20:11

      Sterling was abused when he retrieved a ball in front of the Matthew Harding stand during Manchester City's 2-0 Premier League defeat at Stamford Bridge that year.
The Blues conducted an investigation and banned for life a fan as well as issuing sanctions against five other supporters for their behaviour during the match, despite the Crown Prosecution Service deciding not to initiate any criminal prosecutions.

But the incident made England forward Sterling realise as soon as the night after that it was not an isolated event and had been slowly gathering pace since his professional debut for Liverpool and England in 2012.
Sterling then accused sections of the media of helping to 'fuel racism' with their portrayal of young black footballers in a statement released the following day.
'I am a person, I can take it myself,' the 26-year-old - who has impressed once again at Euro 2020 - told ITV Sport.
'I am ok and comfortable in my own skin, but then sleeping on it that night and going home, I was just looking at little scenarios that have happened to me in my career and I was just like ''Nah, it is more than that''.

'It is something that has been building up over time that I am spoilt this, I love money, I love bling, putting these perceptions in people's brains. I felt that was something that can make people really dislike you.
'The next day I had a thought to myself and said I had to put something out there.' Asked if enough was enough, he replied: 'Literally.'

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