Neymar hits out critics for his life on the pitch
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Neymar hits out critics for his life on the pitch

👤ISRAEL    📅29-10-2021 14:16

      The 29-year-old has been often lamented for his physique and his social life, with some having pointed to this as being the reason why he has been in bad shape over the last few years.

"I speak of respect because people say: 'Ah, Neymar doesn't take care of himself, Neymar is this, Neymar is that,'" he said in an interview with the YouTube channel Fuir Clear on Thursday.

"How can you be at the top for 12 years without taking care of himself? Nobody gets that.

"I know how to take care of myself. I have a physio and a fitness coach with me practically 24 hours a day. What for, for no reason?

"I go out when I can. I go out when possible, when I know that I will not have training the next day. I'm not going to stop doing anything. What's the problem?

"You have to criticise me for what I do on the pitch. There I allow you to speak. But not for what I do off it."

However, Neymar has admitted that he has made some mistakes so far in his career and stressed that he would change his attitude in certain situations if he had the opportunity to go back in time.

"I have already been wrong several times," added Neymar.

"If I could change some things, obviously I would choose to have different attitude. But maturity is coming [gradually]. It does not mean that at the age of 30 you are practically perfect, mature.

"Neymar went on to hail the praise Real Madrid's Brazilian prodigies, Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo Goes, and stressed that they both have room for improvement.

"We have new youngsters now in the national team like Vinicius and Rodrygo, who are two players who can still grow a lot," noted Neymar.

"Brazil is a country that generates a lot of good players.

"We have good players who are awesome in Europe, but they are of a different type of player than what we had in the past. You can't compare, although football is made of comparisons."

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