Making a Magazine in the Time of Covid-19
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Making a Magazine in the Time of Covid-19

👤CARTNEY    📅26-04-2021 16:07

      For this issue, T photographed 27 groups of friends, celebrating the bonds of creative people at a time when the meaning of friendship, and the terms by which we’ve been able to experience it, has been changed by a global pandemic. Documenting these relationships “was not without its challenges,” says T’s creative director, Patrick Li. “To shoot groups around the world during this time requires tremendous coordination.” It was a logistical feat accomplished by T’s photo department, which spent much of the past year vigilantly tracking shutdowns worldwide, following both government and C.D.C. guidelines and organizing shoots as states and countries reopened. Arranging these shoots — which took place over the course of six-and-a-half months (from August 2020 to early March of this year) in Portugal, Spain, Sicily, London, Berlin, São Paulo, New York, Los Angeles, Seoul, and Paris and on Grand Cayman — required hours of planning, and a checklist of previously unheard-of safety measures. The portraits in these pages, then, are proof not only of the endurance and sanctity of friendship but of the stringent precautions required to capture those relationships on camera.

Source:NY times

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